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Lawn Maintenance

We provide a high quality cut with trimming and edging of your lawn. Here at Victory Lawnscape we only use Exmark WALK BEHIND mowers. When your service is complete we go through the property thoroughly with backpack blowers to make sure all grass clippings are removed from sidewalk edges, beds and concrete. The crew will also walk the lawn to remove any large clumps of grass.

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Mosquito Spray

Protect your family from diseases such as west nile virus for humans and heart worm in pets by spraying for mosquitoes. The mosquito spray will help reduce the mosquito population in and around the treated area. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor time much more with fewer mosquitos.

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Weekly Lawn Mowing

A lawn is more than just a collection of grass; it’s the first impression others get of your home, and a stunning yard can even increase your property value by up to 15%. At Victory Lawnscape, we’ll make your lawn gleam with elegance. Our MI lawn care services are designed to dramatically improve your grass’s health, making it greener, thicker, and prettier than it has ever been before.

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Shrub Trimming

An important factor to the over all appearance of your home and landscape is the care given to the flowers, shrubs and trees. Proper trimming techniques play a roll in growth, color and healthiness of every shrub and tree. Without the proper care, shrubs and trees will wither and die. The experts at Victory Lawnscape have the tools, knowledge, and techniques to give proper care to all of your shrubs and trees.

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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization helps promote a thicker, greener, weed free lawn. By applying a balance fertilizer your lawn becomes more drought and insect resistant. Fertilizing your lawn will also make it more able to withstand everyday wear and tear much more easily.

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Weekly Bed Weeding

A great additional service that we offer at Victory Lawnscape is weekly bed weeding to keep your house always looking pristine. The lawn crew will go through your landscape beds on a weekly basis to remove any pesky little weeds, no chemicals will be used.

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Grub Control

This is an application that will give you a season long grub control along with controlling various other root feeding insects. This application is typically applied in June.

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Home Pest Control

Form a “shield” around the base of your home with this odorless and colorless spray. It has a low toxicity level for your family and pets. This three or five application spray will help keep out those little pests such as ants and spiders. It will reduce the number of insect pests for about 28 days per application.

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Help reduce soil compaction and increase thatch breakdown by getting our expert aeration service. This will help improve the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere and assist in water and fertilizer uptake into your lawn. This is a spring and/or fall service.

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Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

With Victory Lawnscape, spring and fall clean-ups are a great way to prepare your lawn and landscape beds for the summer and winter months. A crew of 3-6 men will clean leaves and debris from the lawn and landscape beds. They will then haul away the debris for proper disposal. We will also cut down perennials and remove annuals and any weeds from the landscape beds.

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