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Why Choose Victory Lawnscape?

Here at Victory Lawnscape, our name means something and we don’t take that lightly. Our goal with each customer is to provide exceptional service and leave each home with a crisp clean tailored appearance.



Quality Services

Professional Employees

As a full service residential landscape maintenance provider,
Victory Lawnscape offers a lawn maintenance program including the following:

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • Weekly Bed weeding to keep your beds always looking pristine. The lawn crew will pull weeds from your beds on a weekly basis and no chemicals will be applied.
  • Spring and fall cleanups get your house ready for the season ahead.
  • Full fertilization program which consists of lawn fertilization, grub control, tree and shrub care, home perimeter pest control, mosquito spray, core aeration and dethatching.

We have invested in state of the art equipment and only use walk behind mowers on residential lawns. The benefit to you and your lawn is that you will receive a more professional looking cut week after week and you won’t have to worry about heavy ruts which can come from the use of heavy riding equipment. We also employ a full time mechanical staff to ensure that our equipment is always in working order and ready.

We pride ourselves on the customer service and the quality of work we provide. Through the years, we have spent time working closely with our customers and we are not afraid to ask for feedback. With each piece of feedback we modify our services to the best of our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer. As a constant reminder of our commitment to your satisfaction, you will receive a monthly survey asking a few simple questions about your service. The survey gives you the opportunity to relay back to management how you feel you are being taken care of and what we can do to improve. These surveys are reviewed with the crew foreman on a monthly basis.

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